Post-Pandemic Money Saving Tips: How To Travel Cheap On A Budget

Even during the lockdown, the majority of us live a very fast paced lifestyle that involves more things to get done than we really have time for.

As a result, it is ourselves that we don’t fully take care of.

Planning a vacation after the pandemic is a great way to reward yourself for your hard work as well as have some time to relax.

Many people think they can’t afford a vacation, but with some time spent looking into various aspects of things it is very possible to take the vacation you want without paying a fortune for it.

First, you need to decide where you want to travel so that you can collect all the information about getting there and the various attractions.

If you need transportation to get there, look at the various options.

Are Tour Packages The Best Way To Travel?

Many people think getting a package vacation that includes airfare, hotel, and a rental car is the best way to go. In many cases, it can be but that isn’t always the case. It depends on the various specials that are available.

For example my husband and I wanted to take our children to Disneyland.

The cost was several thousand dollars for the round trip flight, hotel, passes to the parks, and rental car.

We thought about going somewhere else but decided to see what our options were first.

We discovered that it was almost $300 per person to fly to California and back.

We found round trip tickets to Las Vegas Nevada for $99 per person. We rented our car from that airport instead and drove the remaining four hours to California.

With a family of five, we saved $1,000 less the cost of gas to get back and forth.

This definitely allowed us to be able to take the vacation we wanted on the budget we had available.

How To Save Money On Traveling

  • If you can schedule your vacation during the off-season for your desired location you will save a great deal of money. Common vacation spots like Hawaii, Cancun, and the Bahamas are always more expensive in the summertime. Yet they are absolutely gorgeous even in the winter months.
  • Traveling on weekdays instead of over the weekend will also save you money. In most cases, your hotel room will increase in price by 20% per night if you stay in it on a Friday or Saturday night.
  • When it comes to saving money on vacations, if your travel dates are flexible you will save plenty of money. This is one of the best bargains if your schedule allows for it. Most airlines, cruise lines, and hotels would rather offer the space at a discounted price than to have it remain empty.
  • The internet is the best place to find these bargain last-minute deals. You should plan your trip either a long time in advance to get great discount deals or at the very last minute and just go to wherever with superb last-minute deals.

How To Save Money Booking a Cruise

Cruises have become a popular type of vacation because there is so much to do on a cruise ship.

It also allows you to start enjoying the trip as soon as you arrive on the ship so you have more time to actually relax and try out the various activities.

The majority of cruise vacations are all inclusive.

This means that all of your meals, lodging, and activities on the ship are covered.

  • You can save money by choosing a port to leave from that is inexpensive for you to get to. You will likely have to drive or fly to the port location.
  • Find out which amenities are offered on a given cruise vacation. If you find you won’t use many of them, then look for a cruise that offers more of them you will use. This way you are only paying for what you will be accessing during the vacation.
  • Another good way to save a substantial amount of money on a cruise vacation is to downgrade your cabin size. Most people don’t spend very much time in their room while on a cruise so it is silly to pay for the most luxurious rooms. You can get a smaller but comfortable room for about 2/3 of the price on most cruise ships compared to a suite or balcony room.

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