14 Inexpensive Thank You Gifts For Colleagues, Coworkers And Boss When You Leave

Are you wondering what you can gift your favorite coworkers or even your boss when you kinda like them? There is the saying “Go funny or go home.” If we’re honest, we’d like to go home.

To admit, preparing gifts for coworkers leaving isn’t always the easiest thing to do.  There are millions of different and unique coworker office gifts we could buy, but most of them aren’t interesting. Importantly, we actually like these people so we want to choose gifts they’ll actually appreciate.

Last year, people spent on average $30 on coworkers and $50 on their boss. The point is that you don’t have to buy a very expensive gift to get them something good. We’ve researched the hottest gifting categories and chose some of our favorite ideas that are cost-effective. Of course, just in case, we had to choose some ideas that cost more.

Most of our selected unique gifts for bosses cost less than $30 and even less than $10. Shop now our fun gift picks for your boss and your coworkers in 2021.

The Funny Gag Pick

? Best Funny Mad Libs – Buy It here

Fun But Not For Today’s Office – “I bought this to use as an ice breaker for staff meetings. Well, I can use it with modifications. Many of the libs refer to content that can not be safely shared in a modern office in my judgement. So, if I just replace some language, sexual situations, and substance abuse references then I’m good to go. A few libs can be used ‘as is’. Learn more here.”

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The Mad Men Pick

? Best Corkcicle Travel Mug – Buy It Here

Great – “This travel tumbler is made of stainless steel and it triple insulates, keeping your drinks warm for up to 4 hours or cold up to 9 hours.  Your coworkers will enjoy their drink with the same coldness or warmth from when it was made until lunch. The travel tumbler has over 40 different colour options. ” Learn more here.

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The Zen Pick

? Best Mini Zen Garden Beach – Buy It Here

“It is a dream for workers to get rid of work stress by relaxing. This mini beach garden has a wooden sandbox, sand, beach accessories, the little rake, and more.”  – Learn more here.

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The Funny Pick

? Best World’s Okayest Employee – Buy It Here

Liked It – “This is a great match for the coworker or your employee who is totally ok with being ‘meh.’  They work for the paycheck and free coffee (hopefully), and we can totally relate to them. We are them. This white mug can hold up to 11 ounces of their coffee or any other beverages and is safe to put in the dishwasher and the microwave. ” – Learn more here.

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The On-Trend Pick

? Best Blue Monaco Desk Organizer Buy It Here

“Gift your coworker these super trendy black and white striped organizers and desk accessories to decorate their desk. You can gift your boss before leaving your job. The set comes with 4 pieces, including a letter, a mail organizer, a caddy tray, a pen cup, and a file holder. You can check out other colours and patterns too. ” – Check out here for the same brand products.

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The Cool Pick

? Best Small USB Desk Fan Quiet – Buy It Here

“Perfect for hot weather at the office. This adorable mini desk fan is quiet and can function by connecting to your computer USB plug. It’ll keep your coworker feel cooler during the hot working days.”  – Learn more here.

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The Prank Pick

? Best Dream Griddle Alarm Clock Prank Box – Buy It Here

“Is it wrong to wish this was real?  Because we’d totally want it.  This is a funny prank box for your boss or coworker. You can put your real farewell gifts inside the box. Check out other funny prank boxes.”  – Learn more here.

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The Girl Power Pick

? Best “Girl, Stop Apologizing’ Book – Buy It Here

“It’s the #1 New York Times Best Seller and a great book for your coworker who says sorry many times. This inspiring comical book will give advice on how to achieve ones’ goals.” – Learn more here.

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The Meeting Pick

? Best Moleskin Hardcover Notebook/Journal – Buy It Here

‘Gift your boss this classic Moleskin notebook in reel blue so that he/she can use it during the next meeting. The notebook has a hardcover, its papers are lined, and you can choose from over 10 different colours.”  – Learn more here.

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The Trendy Pick

? The Pineapple Pattern Mousepad In Pink – Buy It Here

Make their desk more decorated and trendy with this mousepad in pinapple pattern. This special gift for boss has a rubber back to prevent it from slipping over their desk. The price is cheap. Very cheap. Learn more here.

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The Tech Pick

? The Bose Sound-Link Mini Bluetooth Speaker Buy It Here

“If you don’t know what to give your boss who has everything and don’t want to give something cheap, give this best Bose mini Bluetooth speaker on trend.  It will go perfect on their desk and produces clear and amazing sound. Also, it works with Bluetooth and wireless so your boss can stream their favorite songs, and ask Siri or Google assistant to make phone calls. You can check out other cool colors too. ” – Learn more here.

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The De-Stress Pick

? Best Desktop Punching Bag – Buy It Here

“What is a better present than a gift that helps to relieve stress from work. Your coworker can easily attach this personalized gift on their desk surface to punch the ball now and then. This will be a funny and useful gift for them. ” – Learn more here.

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The Office Pick

? Best “That’s What…She Said” Coffee Mug – Buy It Here

“If they’re big fans of The Office and continues to use the phrase “That’s What She Said,” you can give them this coffee mug. They’ll love it. The mug can take up to 11 ounces of coffee and can be put in the microwave and the dishwasher. ” – Learn more here.

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The Unicorn Pick

? Best “Get Sh*t Done” Unicorn Notebook – Buy It Here

“Yes, do you have coworkers who are obsessed with unicorns?  This 150-page dot-grid journal can help your coworker remind themselves to finish their task for the day.”  Learn more here.

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