Couponing For Beginners: Best Ways To Use Coupons To Save The Most Money?

Most retailers understand the amount of competition they have out there, especially in larger towns.

To help encourage customers to remain loyal to them they accept coupons for various products.

One of the best uses of coupons is for purchasing grocery items you already use.

Look for stores that offer you double or triple the face value of the coupon.

Some stores only offer double and triple coupon values on specific days of the week so make sure you take advantage of them if at all possible.

You will be amazed at how quickly this type of coupon system can help you slash your grocery bill.

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How To Use Coupons To Save The Most Money?

  • Research The Original Price: In order to make the most out of coupons, you need to research whether or not the original price is inflated. If it’s higher than usual and that store inflates their prices in general then there won’t be much room for savings with a coupon.
  • Buy Only Things You Need: Avoid temptations to buy things you don’t need with coupons! You will end up spending more on groceries. Just because you have a coupon for it, doesn’t mean you need it
  • Get Coupons From Local Media: The best way to get coupons is from your local newspaper or magazine. Make sure you are on the mailing list so that they can send them directly to you!
  • Use Coupons Before They’re Gone: Keep a close eye on the expiration dates stamped onto every coupon!
  • Your Favourite Brands Want To Email You: If these sites offer an opt in list for you to get promotions and coupons by e-mail then take advantage of it. So do your favorite brands!
  • Pick Up Various Coupons Others Do Not Want: You will find a treasure trove of coupons at the checkout counter. Some stores allow you to drop off your own unwanted coupons, so others can benefit from them too! While you are there don’t forget to pick up some new ones for yourself because not every coupon is available all the time or in-store locations near everywhere.
  • Categorize Your Coupons In Advance: There are great coupon organizers that you can use to make your life easier while shopping. You might put them into categories like “Groceries”, “Clothing” or even something as specific as “Coupons for the bank”. This will reduce the time it takes when looking through all of those old coupons, making sure they’re still valid and then figuring out what’s a good deal!
  • Collect Coupons Of Competitor Brands: Many retailers are more than willing to honor the coupons for a competitor so that you will purchase the item from them instead of the other store. The best way to approach this issue is by taking your coupon into their place and asking if they can match or beat prices with competitors like Target, Walmart, etc. This has been successful in most cases where I’ve tried it before!
  • Use Coupons For Events: When you visit a museum, amusement park or another event always look to see if there are coupons available. There is usually a buy-1-get 1 free offer for these occasions and this can be great savings on your trip! It’s easy enough to find the offer online by searching or calling up the local chamber of commerce in that area.
  • Buy Coupons From Online Auctions: I was looking around on the internet and found that there are all these websites where you can buy coupons. I especially like eBay, they have some really good deals for people to sell their used or unused but still valuable coupons and many many other items. Check out Ebay’s Coupons Here
  • Use Coupons For Restaurants: It’s never too late to use a restaurant coupon. These often offer discounts but you need to pay close attention the rules that come with them, like specific days and times they can be used.

When you start to consider the amount of money that people spend in a year, coupons seem like they would be worth it. If you take time to find coupons for items- even if it’s just $1 off each item – then your grocery bill can go down by as much as 10%. With savings on everything from eating out and entertainment too? Pretty great! And all with only small investments into using coupons which means more cash leftover now than before.

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