What Do Guys Want For Valentine’s Day? Cute Surprise Ideas For Boyfriend & Husband

Valentine’s Day! What a great day for those who enjoy the romance of life. When we think about how to celebrate this romantic holiday, we often imagine sending cards and flowers with love notes attached on February 14th. But do you know what guys want?

I wondered what valentine’s day gifts he actually wants, and do guys expect something on valentine’s day. So I asked a group of men if they could have something they really wanted what would it be?
The majority of responses were downright raunchy so I couldn’t print them but the more serious answers surprised me because all these different people had such normal wishes for their significant other or just someone who cared about them to celebrate Valentine’s Day with him – things like dinner out, spending time together at home rather than watching TV in separate rooms ? no matter how long that might take! One guy even said, “a hug” which made us both laugh until we cried (I didn’t ask why).

What Do Guys Want For Valentine’s Day?

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  1. A meal at an outdoor restaurant, weather permitting
  2. A good round of golf with his significant other driving the cart;
  3. A weekend away at a hotel with a casino;
  4. Hanging out with significant other at home in peace and quiet;
  5. Breakfast in front of the TV watching sports;
  6. Driving an expensive rental car for the day;
  7. A nice bottle of his favorite liquor;
  8. A complete day of wife or partner doing whatever he wants;
  9. 24-hour argument free day;
  10. Renting a Harley Davidson Motorcycle for the day or weekend.

History Of Valentine’s Day  

The origin of Valentine’s Day is an interesting one. In Western culture, there are at least three different saints known as Saint Valentines and many legends surround the day it was to become a part of our calendar. From ancient Roman tradition to Christian lore with ties in between, finding out about this holiday actually reveals more than we think!

The legend of Saint Valentine starts with him secretly marrying couples who were in love, but the emperor had banned marriages. The saint’s secret was eventually discovered and he was put into prison where soldiers beat him to death for his crime against Claudius II.

The legend goes that the day before he was beheaded on 14th February, Valentine fell in love with his jailor’s daughter and wrote her a billet-doux (love letter). It’s said he signed off on his note to her with “from your valentine”. Years later Pope Gelasius declared this as an honorable holiday for Saint Valetiniee. This is how we celebrate our annual memorial of him today; by sending cards or giving flowers just like one would do if they were their own Sainte Valentien!

There is a long history behind the celebration of Valentine’s Day. It started as an ancient Roman day to honor Juno, Queen of Gods and Goddesses who was also said to be goddess for women and marriage.

The legend of Valentine’s imprisonment in Rome has been passed down for centuries. It is said that the children would come to his cell and hand him loving notes through the bars. Sadly, he was never released from this prison until just before Easter morning when it is believed he died after being beaten up by Roman soldiers.

Another legend says that Valentine was an early Christian who made friends with many children. The Romans apparently imprisoned him because he didn’t worship their gods; the angry kids would slip loving notes through the bars of his cell, but they were always found and destroyed by guards before they reached their target.

The 14th of February is a special day for many people. It’s the one time where we can show our partners how much they mean to us without worrying about being judged, or revealing too much in front others.

The onus falls upon couples and singles alike; it does not matter if you’re coupled up with someone else – there are still plenty of opportunities available for everyone this Valentine’s Day!

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