Celebrity Gift Guide: Best List Of Oprah’s Favorite Things On Amazon

She’s not giving away free things like cars, but Oprah has stated her favorite things and we’re here for it all.  #LiveYourBestLife

Whatever Oprah touches, it turns to gold.  She is keen to spotting amazing products and her “Favorite Things” each year has transformed the lives of business owners who make the products and inspire people for each year’s holiday shopping must-haves.  Is Oprah our Santa Claus?  Most likely she is.

Do you know how Oprah actually selects her favorite must-have items of the year?  According to her recent interview with the folks at Oprah Magazine,she said,

I then go through every item, picking my favorites and narrowing the selection to my own. It’s a process. Because it’s important for me to remain as true to my original inspiration as possible.  My guideline: Do I really like it enough to want to receive it myself?”

Shop some of the best latest edition of Oprah’s Favorite Things from Amazon.

The Tech Pick

?  The New Wireless Apple Air Pods – Buy It Here

“This is the best and latest version of Apple Airpods and it’s included in Oprah’s favourite list!  These new wireless AirPod charges quicker stay in your ears, syncs up to your devices via Bluetooth faster, and can also charge on a wireless charging pad.” –   Learn more here.

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The Self-Care Pick

?  The InstaShiatsu Foot Massager – Buy It Here

“If you need a foot massage, check out this affordable foot massager that can massage each foot with various settings.  You can also get a leg massage using the air compression sleeves you can place around the bottom half of your legs. Also, you can keep your feet warm during the cold season by setting the heating option.” – learn more here.

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The Perfect Pet Pick

? The Embark Dog DNA At-Home Test – Buy It Here

“Are you curious about your favourite pooch’s ancestry? You can now test your dog’s DNA to discover his/her genetics, a specific breed, any health issues and more.”  – Learn more here.

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The Chef Pick

? The Chicago Trio Lasagna Pan – Buy It Here

“Everyone loves lasagna including Oprah.  You can now make three different kinds of lasagna using this cool lasagna pan called “the trio.” You can use this to make different types of lasagna for all of your family members to get their favourite type. Yummy! ” – Learn more here.

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The On-Trend Pick

? The GlamourPuss  Faux-Fur Mittens – Buy It Here

“Faux-fur is on trend and we can’t get enough of these super adorable, cosy, and warm mittens that also come with different colour options to choose from.  Buy them when it is still available! ” –   Learn more here.

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The Practical Pick

? The K. Carroll  Cross-Body Bag – Buy It Here

“This season, this Super chic Cross-Body bag is popular. You can toss in your essentials such as your keys, license, credit card, money, and more instead of carrying them.  Check out over 15 different amazing colors available. ” – Learn more here.

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The PJ Pick

? The Must-Have Eberjay Pajama Set – Buy It Here

“Check out these most comfortable pyjamas picked by Oprah. Twinsies!  This 2-piece outfit set has a variety of colours and patterns available.  They are best for summer since the pyjama is warm without being too warm. Sometimes, it feels like you’re sleeping without any clothes.”  – Learn more here.

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The Beauty Pick

? The Butter London “Guilty Pleasures” Nail Polish Set – Buy It Here

“This nail polish set has 24 different lacquers to apply to your nails. No doubt, it’ll trend all year long.” –   Learn more here.

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The Comfort Food Pick

? The Lobster Truffle Mac & Cheese Set Delivered – Buy It Here

“Check out Oprah’s favourite foodie pick.  This set of four delicious lobster truffle mac and cheese dishes are cooked every morning on the coast of Maine and they are shipped directly to your home address. Don’t worry, you will be able to taste the original quality when you receive the delivery.” – Learn more here.

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The Spa Pick

? The Kassatex Spa Robe – Buy It Here

“Get yourself this spa robe to wrap yourself in luxury. It is really comfy terry on the inside and sleek and smooth on the outside. Check out other gorgeous colours.  Learn more here.

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“Get yourself this spa robe to wrap yourself in luxury. It is really comfy terry on the inside and sleek and smooth on the outside. Check out other gorgeous colours.  Learn more here.

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