What Is The Current Presidents Birthday? Holiday & History Of President’s Day

Not all birthdays are celebrated by the whole country, but in the instance of celebrating the birth of our Presidents.

We not only get to celebrate, but lets face it, it is always fun to have a day off work.

✅ The Best Case for Trump

“Dr. Hanson is a great writer, serious and informative. This is the most neutral book about Trump I’ve read. Facts are the most important things.” – The Most Honest Take I Have Seen

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✅ Best Personal Memoirs of U. S. Grant

“Many years ago an Army buddy of mine suggested that I take a look at the Memoirs of U.S. Grant, the overall Commander of the Union Army and the 18th US President. The memoirs, he said, were “highly readable.”

That is an understatement. U.S. Grant has a deceptively simple writing style which paints the world in which he lived in vivid colors. Grant describes his family background, early life, and the Mexican War in very vivid terms. Grant says very little about his presidency except he expresses some disappointment in his Administration’s failure to purchase the Dominican Republic. He claims his purchase of that land would have been to remove blacks from the CONUS, but still give them a nice place to live under the protection of the American government. I found that comment extremely interesting. Apparently the goals of the American Colonization Society of the early 1800s were still around in the 1870s.

The best and most interesting part of the book is Grant’s recollection of the Civil War. For those military professionals seeking to emulate his deeds, it is interesting to see what he finds concerning.

During the Civil War Grant mostly speaks of two overwhelming things:

1. Logistics: His accounts of his campaigns focus on trains, rations, ammunition, etc. more than any other detail. What is also interesting is that he organized the wagon trains for the Battle of the Wilderness so that the oxen wouldn’t need their forage transported to them.

2. Personnel Actions: Grant thinks very hard about his subordinate officers. He calmly lays out his reasons for firing and hiring the various people and has an interesting read on all of them. Grant is also quite fair. Grant didn’t like Prentiss, but Grant still commended Prentiss for his excellent defense at Shiloh’s Hornet’s Nest.

Grant defends his hard treatment of General Thomas during General Hood’s attack into Nashville. It is interesting to read Grant’s perspective and then go and read Thomas’ perspective. One can decide who is right. Regardless, Thomas did win and Grant didn’t replace him with John A. Logan. Grant also lays out his reasons for allowing Sheridan to relieve Gouverneur K. Warren.

Grant proved himself in the Civil War to be a master of internal politics & logistics. His men proved to be expert at the fighting and tactics.

Ultimately, this book is really interesting.” – Highly Readable

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✅ Best Audio CD Collection: “Theodore Roosevelt’s Darkest Journey”

“What a wonderful book!! Having read previous biographies of “Teedy” I came to this book with an already favorable image of this man who overcame severe asthma in childhood and, indeed, met all obstacles with a sense of perseverance and a firm belief that one must grasp life with both hands and always do the best with the gifts we are given. While this book shows more of his vulnerability, both physically and emotionally, it did nothing to diminish my admiration of this wonderful man. What a National Treasure!!
Now I come to the author, Candice Millard. As I continued reading the book I was amazed over and over again at the sheer amount of research and the amount of talent it took to put all these facts into a cohesive and very entertaining story!!
I wholeheartedly recommend this book!!!!!! Five stars to the story, itself. Five stars to the author. Five stars to Theodore Roosevelt.” – Every Bit As Much Story As Science

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✅ Best President’s Diaries: “Reagan Leather Bound Edition

“I’ve read Reagan’s autobiography and Reagan: The Life, but it all started when I saw a paperback copy of The Reagan Diaries in the bargain bin at a book store. The Reagan Diaries aren’t something you read through from start to finish, but I pick it up often and just read a few pages. Or I might want to know about a specific entry and flip to that page.

The Reagan Diaries is a really intimate, personal look into Reagan’s eight years as president of the United States. We get to see, in his own words, what his daily life as president was like, including how he felt about certain issues.

If you want to learn more about Reagan’s life and political career, then The Reagan Diaries is an essential part of your book collection.” – A Personal, Intimate Look At Reagan’s Presidency In His Own Words

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✅ Best Brilliant President’s Biography & Chronicles: #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER

“Jon Meacham’s treatment of Bush’s life was very well done. Bush is one of those Presidents who flew under the radar. That was based on his personality and quiet style. One of the biggest things that struck me, in light of where we are politically and with our current President (writing this review in Fall of 2017), is what a class act he was.

I knew that and remember it, but reading about him was a good reminder. Bush served at the period that I think of as the end of civility, compromise and progress in politics. Right at the crest of where the left chose to not listen to or work with the right, and vice-versa. The beginning of the broken system we now have. We follow Bush from his childhood,

WWII service, his career in business and the into public service. The story is very well paced and was an easy read, while also being very in-depth. It also revealed a George Bush that I never really knew, except through his guarded public persona. What we see is a genuine person, and one who had a real sense of duty and a deep compassion for people.

We also see a person who was singularly driven and focused on attaining the ultimate prize in American politics. And what’s striking about that ambition is that he did it without the ugliness that we see in today’s political creatures. Overall, this is one of the better Presidential biographies I’ve read.

And it was a great reminder that, yes, someone who can earn one’s respect through their actions and how they treat others – not take that respect for granted simply by the office they hold – can rise to the office of President of the United States.” – A President Who Earned Our Respect

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✅ Best “America–Arabic Constitution of the United States DeclarationBy Thomas Jefferson

“I purchased the leather-bound edition. It arrived in pristine condition and well packaged. It will be a nice addition to our library and looks quite handsome on our coffee table right now. Includes the Federalist Papers which I have not laid eyes on since high school as well as several other historic documents. The Constitution is in the back of the book. It has a table of contents but I did not find an index. Pleased with purchase. Good value.” – The Constitution Of The United States Of America: And Selected Writings Of The Founding Fathers.

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Is President’s day a national holiday?

The day our Presidents birthdays are celebrated is a National holiday.

But it has not always been celebrated at the same time.

When is the President’s day?

On the third Monday in February, we take time to celebrate the birthdays of some former Presidents.

What is the history of the President’s day?

Originally though the Presidents birthdays were celebrated separately.

February 22 is George Washington’s actual birthday and the holiday we know now, as Presidents day was actually to celebrate his birthday.

Lincoln’s birthday was celebrated at a different time, although his birthday is actually February 12.

Lincoln’s birthday was never a federal holiday like Washington’s.

The late 1980’s is when the term Presidents Day began its appearance with a push from advertisers.

Now, Presidents Day is to honor both Washington and Lincoln and often other Presidents of the United States.

But it is not the same throughout the US.

In fact, in Massachusetts the governor issues an annual Presidents Day proclamation honoring Presidents that come from Massachusetts.

Alabama observes the day as Washington and Jefferson Day.

In Virginia, George Washington’s home state, the holiday is known simply as George Washington Day.

So while we all celebrate this day dedicated to our Presidents, it is easy to see that it is not as equally revered throughout the country.

What is the current President’s birthday?

Joe Biden is the 46th and current president of the United States. His birthday is Novermber 20, 1942.

What is the Trump’s birthday?

Donald Trump is the 45th president of the United States. His birthday is June 14, 1946.

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