Fri. Dec 4th, 2020


Halloween is where kids go crazy and binge-eat candies. Especially in this year with the quarantine, they are already having more candies and snacks on a daily basis than they used to. Tooth decay alarm! Of course they can enjoy some candies and also some special ones during Halloween, but be aware of the type and amount! Here are 6 types of candies you should pay attention to, to make sure your kids have crystal clean white teeth after Halloween.... Read More
While you are staying quarantine to keep yourself safe, are you sure that your pet is safe as well? You may want to bring it out for a short walk in Halloween to have a break from the prolonged lockdown. That's fine. But when you wear a mask, what do you do to keep your pet safe? Check out these tips to make sure you and your pet can spend quality and safe time in this Halloween.... Read More
Hello! Hello! It’s Ginger & I am so excited to be here today with you & Amy! Thanks so much for having me over! I’m usually blogging over on my blog. So it’s a treat to be over here & to change it up a bit. It’s so nice to meet you! Over on my blog I love sharing fun crafts, easy recipes, DIY projects & fun ideas like this Giant BOO Sign! Let me show you how I made it!... Read More
I personally am not really a fan of anything Zombie. It kind of freaks me out to be honest. But my kids think it’s fun for Halloween. I know several of you are…so even though I don’t love them…you know I love a good creative challenge. So in honor of Halloween…and you Zombie fans out there, I thought it would be fun to create a Halloween Zombie Sign and some Halloween Zombie Soap Labels for you!... Read More
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Hey friends! I am excited to share the green Halloween drinks. It's a fun Halloween Party Drink idea with you. It's a brilliant way to mix Science and Halloween with this fun Halloween drinks with syringes - Uranium Punch.... Read More
Regardless of whether pets enjoy it or not, pet owners just can't resist dressing up their pets in sequins and wigs when Halloween is around the corner. It's super easy to find Halloween costumes for cats and dogs in stores and online. This year, PetSmart is making sure one of the smallest animals they cater to, guinea pig, don't feel left out.... Read More