[2021] 14 Types of People You will See at Your Average New Year’s Eve Party

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If you are a party lover, then you might find these people familiar. You’ve got your dancers, your barbers, your what-have-yous…  They may not make a good friend when you tidy up after the party, but they certainly make a good companion! Whenever you go for parties, pay attention to the different types of people in your party, they might take you by surprise! If you don’t find them, then it might actually be you. 


1. The Dancing Queen

New Year's Eve Drunks, dancing queens


Via Brobible.

She’s possessed by the groove and believed that she’s got some serious and amazing dancing skills. From our point of view, she might look a little funny doing her dance moves, but she’s definitely feeling it like the Hollywood superstars! 

2. The Puker 

New Year's Eve Drunks, puker


Via Cheezburger.

Or you can call them the lightweight. You’ll probably lost him an hour in the party, because hes too busy puking at the bathroom! Fingers crossed they’re okay. 

3. The Guy Who Goes Too Far

New Year's Eve Drunks, guy who close too far


Via BuzzFeed.

Jump off the roof and into the pool?  Ummmmm… Blast yourself across the backyard with fireworks tied onto a scooter?  Sure, that sounds like a great idea! He probably can’t get 1+1 right but he is definitely bolder than any of us.  

4. The Philosopher

New Year's Eve Drunks, the philosopher


Via Rant Lifestyle.

This person is convinced that they’ve to maintain balance on the edge of a mind-blowing epiphany. After a drink or two, he believes that he’s the smartest one on the planet, he’ll start philosophical speeches like how to end world hunger. I guess it is today that the world starts becoming a better place! 

5. The Selfie-Taker

New Year's Eve Drunks, selfie


Some people are here to drink, some people are here to dance, they are here to take selfies. You won’t see them unless you’re in front of a mirror or an ‘instagrammable’ spot. 

 6. The Crying Girl

New Year's Eve Drunks, crying girl


Via BlindGossip.

She’s suddenly sad, it might be from a break-up, her boss decided to fire her, or the alcohol hit differently for her. They usually escape the party by hiding away in the washroom while her besties take turns calming her down. 

7. The Resolution-Maker

New Year's Eve Drunks, resolution-maker


Via Someecards.

New year, new me. Alcohol has had its effect on them, they will start contemplating about how they could become a better person, like getting bulk, look for a new job or finding a significant other. Usually, they’ll have the exact same thoughts after a year. 

8.  The One Who Gets Mushy

New Year's Eve Drunks, mushy guy


Via Quickmeme.

You’ve never seen them more affectionate or expressive about their feelings. You might even get annoyed at how much they love you! 

9. The Hipster Guy Who’s Been There, Done That

New Year's Eve Drunks, hipster guy


Via Quickmeme.

This guy is usually a little older and experienced than everybody else, so he’s the know-it-all in the group. Whatever you play, drink, watch is ‘so ten years ago’. He has done it all.

10. The Kisser

New Year's Eve Drunks, kiss everyone


Via Media Takeout.

The loving person in the room, after a drink or two, start getting a little too touchy, or a little bit too close. Their love is sometimes too much to handle. 

11. The Spiller

New Year's Eve Drunks, spiller


Via Reddit.

Red wine stains on white shirts and carpets? Sweet liquor on your sofa and beds? Vomit at your backyard and garage? Be prepared to have a messy time cleaning up after the party. 

12. The Mother 

New Year's Eve Drunks, mother hen


Via Esquire.

No matter how drunk of tipsy she is, she will always be sober enough to hold your hair back from vomiting in the toilet or get you out of an awkward situation. 

13. The Designated Driver

New Year's Eve Drunks, designated driver


Via Quickmeme.

Not all heroes wear capes! He’s the one who stays sober when everyone’s busy having fun. He gets the privilege of mocking everyone in the party for their misbehavior. Fun right?

14. The One Who Couldn’t Stay Awake

New Year's Eve Drunks, cannot stay awake


Via CollegeHumor.

You’ve lost him from the beginning of the party. After 2 or 3 drinks, he goes straight into the dreams. How did he manage to sleep through all the banging music? He spends a countdown in his dreams and wakes up to post-party mess. Have a good time tidying the mess! 

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