Mon. Sep 28th, 2020


I love experiencing about 11.5 months of hot summer, being a California girl, and wearing flip flops year-round. But every year, right around Halloween, I get to a place when I’m a bit over these 75-degree temperatures and seriously craving fall. And while it certainly doesn’t feel like it here in LA, I’m doing my best to make it feel like fall in my kitchen!... Read More
Skipping Halloween parties because of the social-distancing? Sadly we can't help but comply with that. Still, you can do some simple Halloween decorations to add some vibes to your house! Check out this Oct 31 DIY sign! It literally costs you no time and zero dollars to make! Though it is only a very simple Halloween decoration, surely it would make your one of the many lockdown days a little different! ... Read More
What to do on Halloween to make it at least a bit different than other lockdown days? It may sound silly, but you can try to make some Halloween finger puppets. They are very easy to make, you can use any materials that you can get in your house. And they are tiny. You can just abandon them somewhere after Halloween, no big messes at all. So, if you are looking for ways to make your Halloween day a bit special without making a big fuss, these finger puppets would be perfect for you.... Read More