Sat. Nov 28th, 2020


’Tis the season for chic cocktail soirées, big buffet dinners and fabulous feasts. But the holiday-party circuit can lead to unwanted weight gain, sugar crashes and anxiety about eating poorly, none of which is very merry. Here’s how to eat well and truly enjoy all the deliciousness of the season. ... Read More
Come January, we want to 
look back fondly on our holiday memories, not regretfully at our formerly fitting jeans. We spoke to Dr. Sandy Van, founder and program director of behavioural weight management program Lifestyle 360, about how we can manage our weight during there-are-suddenly-cookies-everywhere season.... Read More
In today’s social media-obsessed world, we are now beholden to the powerful lens of Instagram filters to fulfil our fantasies of higher cheek bones, plumper lips, chiseled jaw lines and glistening white teeth. Filters have a fascinating ability to totally transform you into a picture-perfect imagined self, but it may come at quite a cost. […]... Read More