Sat. Nov 28th, 2020


It’s that time of the year again. The dreaded dark before four, the cold winter mornings and, of course, the struggle to find the perfect Christmas gifts. And if it’s not the act of buying or sacrificing oneself on Black Friday, then it’s the unnecessary and the unwanted gifts chucked at you for the sake […]... Read More
In our Day in the Quarantine Life series, we’re chatting with Canadians about their new normal, exploring how they organize their days and balance their home lives with work obligations. Here, Andrea Karr, a Toronto-based freelance writer, shares how she’s taking care of her mental well-being while in self-isolation.... Read More
Who says you can ignore Halloween just because you are in lockdown? Who says you cannot have a Halloween party on your own while social-distancing? We understand that there is not as much you can do this year when you have to stay quarantine and cannot go to the grocery stores or stationery stores to buy decorations or ingredients for Halloween. But still, these Halloween soft cookies are possible to make! Though you are not able to hold or attend huge Halloween parties this year, spoil yourself with some festive vibes with these Halloween cookies!... Read More
Skipping Halloween parties because of the social-distancing? Sadly we can't help but comply with that. Still, you can do some simple Halloween decorations to add some vibes to your house! Check out this Oct 31 DIY sign! It literally costs you no time and zero dollars to make! Though it is only a very simple Halloween decoration, surely it would make your one of the many lockdown days a little different! ... Read More