Special Occasion Collectible: Mattel Is Releasing a Day of the Dead Signature Barbie Doll

Barbie is celebrating her 60th anniversary, but her appearance is as young as she did back when Barbie emerged in the spring of 1959. To celebrate Barbie’s transition to 60 years old, Mattel—the famous toy company that has sold more than a billion Barbie dolls—is selling a number of limited-edition Barbies, such as Rosa Parks, Sally Ride, and David Bowie dolls. Now, as mentioned by USA Today, the company is exploring the fall spirit with its latest Barbie version: a Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead.

“I have been wanting this doll since it came out. However it sold out quickly and people began selling it for over $200 for something that was only $75 originally. Hubby tried to buy it for me around Christmas time though the price was too much. Never got it but that vendor took our money. Amazon was awesome and refunded the money.
I was looking on Amazon for no reason in particular and wouldn’t you know it this doll pops up for under $70 (shipping was over $20 though)! Hubby said get it now lol.
Not only was this a great price it came on time! Was a little worried about it possibly being a fake….but was happy to be proved wrong. This is just as pictured and so beautiful.
Im not a doll collector but this one just spoke to me. I couldn’t be happier. This vendor took such care in the packaging. I was highly impressed. Very much recommended.”

Amazon customer

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The doll is available on Amazon, at Target and Walmart stores. Barbie “honors the traditions, symbols, and rituals often seen throughout this time,” Mattel told CNN. Día de los Muertos is a celebration held mainly in Mexico from October 31 to November 2 to pay tribute to the dead spirits who come to visit themselves.

Barbie is well-known for her outstanding fashion sense. The Día de los Muertos Barbie wears a black ruffled dress decorated with monarch butterflies and yellow and red marigolds. A traditional Day of the Dead skull mask is painted on her face and a headpiece showing marigolds and more monarchs completes her full look.

The butterflies symbolize the billions of monarch butterflies that travel to mountains and forests in Mexico and arrive at the beginning of Day of the Dead. That is why some people believe that the butterflies are carrying the dead spirits with them.

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