Real Simple DIY New Year’s Eve Countdown Bags [2021]

I think this new years eve family party idea that I found over at Family Fun is GOOD!

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✅ ✅ ✅  Your new year’s eve party is not ready before all the following are set –> Click the images below to see more ideas!

My Favourite Family Party Game Idea

Here are the new year DIY countdown bags ideas!

  1. Collect about 6 paper bags. Can be either the recycled bags or newly bought bags. (color doesn’t matter)
  2. Label each New Year’s Eve countdown bag with an hour leading up to 00:00.
  3. After marking each bag, remember to fill them with something interesting!
  4. Every hour until midnight your kid(s) can open one New Year’s Eve countdown bag, enjoy and celebrate with what’s inside!  

Sounds fun, doesn’t it?!?  

What To Fill In the Countdown Bag – New Year’s Eve Goodies

  • Something sweet! Pop Rocks, Cholocates, Giant Lollipops, etc. Remember to wrap them up with a beautiful treat bag.
  • Something memorable! Give each kid a disposable camera and let them take pics of everything to celebrate the very last hours of each year.
  • DIY Kits! Grab some simple and inexpensive DIY Kits for your kids to put together. Or you can also have your kids design and decorate your house.
  • Printables! Print out a few free planners to plan yourself a better new life for next year!
  • Popcorn Time! Slip a new movie or your all-time favorite new year movie in one of the bags for your family to watch together. Remember to also prepare a bag of popcorn!
  • Puzzle Games! Play some simple puzzle games as a family.
  • Celebration Essentials! I’d keep the noisemakers and confetti for the last countdown bag! 🙂  Don’t know how to celebrate? Check out these inexpensive family-friendly New Year’s Eve celebrations!

I hope these new year’s eve countdown activities can provide an unforgettable day at the end of the year. You can also send this new year’s gift to neighbors!! Don’t hesitate and try these new year DIY ideas now!

Happy New Year’s Eve Countdown Bag-ing!

[2021] Real Simple DIY New Year’s Eve Countdown Bags
I think this new years eve family party idea that I found over at Family Fun is GOOD! 5+ New year 2021 DIY ideas that you have to check out!

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