Fri. Dec 4th, 2020


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Hey friends! I am excited to share the green Halloween drinks. It's a fun Halloween Party Drink idea with you. It's a brilliant way to mix Science and Halloween with this fun Halloween drinks with syringes - Uranium Punch.... Read More
Halloween is fast upon us, and that usually means — among other stuff — an evening to addiction in a few not-so-healthy candies that remind you of your childhood. Because of the lockdown, we have more time to stay at home this year. Though being in quarantine also means we shouldn't be holding or attending Halloween parties, still we can treat ourselves with some scrumptious Halloween candies! And as mentioned, we have more time at home because of the lockdown. Why not spend the time on making more Halloween candies and have ourselves a special but satisfying Halloween? ... Read More
Oklahoma Dip- A Real Quick Recipe for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Eve or any Party Easy Dip Recipe With Few Ingredients – Quick For 2021 Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Holiday & Party!
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Oklahoma Dip is the most-requested dipping food recipe! How to make homemade dip? Here are the easy dip recipes with few ingredients. These homemade dips recipes can impress the guests at all kinds of parties. ... Read More
Who says meal prep is not needed during quarantine? Meal prep is actually an easy way to start your day in the best way possible during lockdown! Honestly, who wants to just grab whatever they see in the fridge and stuff in every day? Especially during Halloween, you ought to crave for something special. Using a few easy (but amazingly tasty) Halloween food recipes from Annette Joseph’s new book, Picture Perfect Parties, we combined a pretty impressive last-minute Halloween dinner party ideas with just a few household appliances and equipment. We have several Halloween dinner recipes for adults.... Read More