Contributing Writers

We had a hard time delivering all ideas we gathered to the readers as there were too many of them. Thanks to these brilliant writers who joined us in 2020, we are able to offer high-grade content in the shortest time possible.


Hi, I am Charles. I am a handicraft instructor and a freelance writer from Singapore. I started instructing handicraft and DIY 8 years ago and very luckily, I am still enjoying this job. I wanted to share my creative ideas as well as lifestyle insights to not only Singaporeans, but people all around the world. Therefore I started writing my own blog and collaborting with other platforms to share my ideas. Feel free to contact me through and Medium.


Hi, this is Lucy Williams from Scotland. I am a magazine editor and freelance blogger. I am keen on exploring different trends and lifestyles, and would like to share my thoughts with others. Though being a magazine editor allows me to write, there are a lot more I would like to write than the topics that I am assigned with. That’s why I started collaborating with various sites, hoping I could express myself as much as I can meanwhile entertain the readers. I can be reached on Instagram and Medium. 


There are some writers who help with only one specific blog or research on a narrow topic. They come and go, we might not even have a good sit-down talk. But still, we would like you to know their existence as all their contributions matter. We treasure each of their word and every second they spend on helping us. Big thanks to all of you who contribute to our site!

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