Sat. Jul 4th, 2020

Contributing Writers

We had a hard time delivering all ideas we gathered to the readers as there were too many of them. Thanks to these brilliant writers who joined us in 2020, we are able to offer high-grade content in the shortest time possible.

Hi I am Wesley. I have been working in the fashion retail industry in Canada for over 10 years. I am now a freelance fashion writer and am writing for different fashion magazines. Feel free to check out my and Medium to learn more about me.

Hi, I am Ava Jones. I studied fashion design in New York and am now working as a fashion designer. I am also fashion blogger. I post blogs about fashion trends and fashion analysis. If you would like to have some fashion inspiration, my posts on and Medium may help!

Hi, I am Charlotte Lam. I graduated with a Bachelor’s  in Creative Writing in Hong Kong. I have more than 5 years’ experience in the cosmetic industry. And I am now a beauty blogger and am writing for various cosmetic brands. You can get beauty information for free on my and Medium.

Hello world, this’s Ben. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Science in 2018. I am now on a backpacker touring around the States. I write for different websites on topics related to lifestyle and travel. At the moment, I am not on any social media, but you can learn more about me on Medium as I am publishing blogs there.

Hi, I am Charles. I am a handicraft instructor and a freelance writer from Singapore. I started instructing handicraft and DIY 8 years ago and very luckily, I am still enjoying this job. I wanted to share smy creative ideas to not only Singaporeans, but people all around the world. Therefore I started writing my own blog and collaborting with other platforms to share my ideas. Feel free to contact me through and Medium.

Hello! You can call me Blake. I am a freelance writer from Manchester. My job is very demanding and stressful, but I always get myself some time to relax and chill out. And I believe everyone should find themselves some “me time” every day. That’s why I am here, sharing all kinds of entertainment that you can try, from tiny joys like doing bakery, to big events like one-month travel. I hope everyone can enjoy their lives as much as they can. Check out my and Medium to learn more about me.

Hi, I am Hazel from Hong Kong. I am a professional fitness trainer and I design healthy recipes. I used to live a very unhealthy life, just like many of the workers in Hong Kong, and led to health issues. I eventually understood the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Since then, I altered my lifestyle drastically. I am here to share her tips and to give a little help to those who are living an unhealthy life like I used to. For more health-related information, please check out my   and Medium.

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