Top 5 Most Beautiful Places & Non Fiction Books About Iceland You Don’t Want To Miss In 2021

Here are my top 5 places to make sure you include in any Holiday in Iceland. If you like to research and understand the culture and stories in advance, I also listed some of the insider books to help you kickstart the planning.

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Myvatn is the fourth largest lake in Iceland covering an area of 36.5 square km.

It has an abundance of small coves and over 40 small islets.
You will have to experience for yourself the stunning natural beauty of the area.

Some of the most popular places are the lava formations at Dimmu Borgir a result of an active volcanic past.

Mt. Hverfjall an enormous crater (The rim of the crater is only accessible by two trails. It is strictly forbidden to use other routes up or down). Krafla a 10km caldera, and the geothermal area east of Namaskarour.

You will have a great opportunity to observe the abundant bird life in this bizarre landscape.


No trip to Iceland would be complete without a visit to see the Geysers. The Great Geyser was the greatest natural attraction in Iceland in the past.

It used to erupt a jet of boiling water and steam 80m high into the air.

Strokkur is now one of the most famous geysers in Iceland and you can judge when it will erupt as it does so every 5 to 10 minutes.

The Great Geyser is located only 20 meters away from it. The spout reaches up to 20 meters’ high and although it is not as high as its’ great predecessor, it is still an impressive sight.

Everywhere you look you can see the boiling sulfurous landscape which has many dotted steaming vents and hot and cold springs.

Even if you are not a gardener/plant lover you will notice the rare and primitive plant life that grows in this unusual location.

The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is a stunning natural feature in Iceland. Research tells me that the white Silica mud and blue-green algae form a light natural sediment on the bottom of the lagoon giving it its ghostly, opaque, aquamarine color.

One can not help but be drawn to this natural wonder. Purported to have curative powers this man-made lagoon has a water temperature of 40C.

The Blue Lagoon is a truly magnificent and unique experience especially if you wish to bathe in it when there is snow all around you!

Snaefellsjokull Glacier

On a clear day in Reykjavik, the enigmatic Snaefellsjokull glacier can be seen across the sea in the distance even though it is over 60 miles away.

People believe that it has mystical powers ever since Jules Verne wrote “The Journey to the Center of the Earth“.

The landscape features stunning moorlands, beautiful meadows, rivers and small ponds along with beautiful rock formations not to mention the black sand beaches. Being in Iceland was like being on another planet.

Thingvellir National Park

Thingvellir National Park is said by some to be one of the most beautiful places in Iceland, having seen so much of it I could not make such a statement as Iceland’s’ landscape has so many unusual and truly remarkable locations.

To Icelanders Thingvellir is a place of great importance as in 930 Parliament was founded there.

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