Tue. Oct 27th, 2020


Come January, we want to 
look back fondly on our holiday memories, not regretfully at our formerly fitting jeans. We spoke to Dr. Sandy Van, founder and program director of behavioural weight management program Lifestyle 360, about how we can manage our weight during there-are-suddenly-cookies-everywhere season.... Read More
Whether your witchy loved one celebrates Yule, Christmas, or both, they deserve a little treat. 1. Get them a personalised horoscope – chances are, if your friend is into astrology, they are already familiar with their birth chart. But, beginner or advanced, they will definitely enjoy getting a custom-made detailed horoscope for 2019. You can […]... Read More
Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is creeping around the corner. Whether you think the holiday is a perfect excuse to celebrate love or merely a Hallmark business tactic, shops across London won’t let you forget to mark February 14 in your calendar. This year, rather than reaching for red roses, a box of […]... Read More