Do You Remember These Neil Patrick Harris Family With Kids Halloween Costumes?

Looking for Halloween costume inspirations? No idea how to come up with the looks for the quarantine Halloween? Check out the Neil Patrick Harris Halloween costumes that have always been the best.

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When we run out of ideas for Halloween costumes, we would always go on google and look for inspirations. We’ve got your backs covered with advice from the all-time winner of the best Halloween costume contests — The family that starred in the Comedy Series of Unfortunate Events, Neil Patrick Harris, his husband David Burtka and their cute twin children Gideon and Harper! They have gathered one of the most pulled-together, well-coordinated set of costumes. Each of them plays a part of one respectful Hollywood legends, we have Neil as Charlie Chaplin, David as Groucho Marx, Harper as Marilyn Monroe and Gideon as James Dean. Throwing back to 2015, they dressed up as the main characters of the beloved film Star Wars too!

The Harris family had kept their costumes as surprises well, you only get to know what it will be on the big day — All Hallow’s Eve! The family had never failed to impress us with their vivid costumes, so stay tuned to get surprised.

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“I’m not a fan of the costume that’s some sort of puzzle or pun,” Harris, who is partnering with Cigna Health on a preventive health campaign, “The TV Doctors of America,” told Real Simple. “I’d rather just have them say, ‘You look like a knight with armor on. That’s cool!’”

What you can count on seeing him in? An extravagant costume that’s surprisingly both comfortable and practical. “A full mask makes it hard to eat snacks,” Harris said. 

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If you want to dress up in a way that impresses everyone like how the Harris family did, we have some suggestions from the one and only Neil Patrick Harris. When you start picking out a costume, choose a theme that you’re comfortable with first, it could be sexy, scary or even ‘doppelganger’. Whatever you come up with, you will still get major points for effort.  He believes that “Bespoke is always better than buying the plastic costume from the shop.” Have fun with your Halloween costume making this year!

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