17+ Best Things To Do On Your First Date During Covid & Quarantine in 2021

With or without the Covid, the key to a successful first date is to relax and just be the real you. If you try to act in a way that you think the other person will like, then they may start liking someone who you are not, and in the end you will wind up breaking up and getting hurt, so honest truly is the best policy, and in the end if you are just being you and it does not work you, you know they were not the one for you.

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Good Social Distancing Date Ideas During Covid

We assume you are not looking for social distancing first date ideas with each other, as that will most likely be virtual dates. For the first offline date with social distancing of you and your date from everyone else (at home or outdoor), check out the great ideas below.

  • Local National Park Dates: Local playgrounds can be high risk in winter because you don’t know who touched the swing, slide and other equipments before you. National parks hikes can be refreshing, distress and fun. There’s nothing more romantic than a picnic in the park as the sun sets in the background.
  • Drive In Movie Dates: Find a drive-in theater nearby , or setup a TV screen in your driveway for a chill Netflix night.
  • Backyard Movie Night: A sheet, projector, and your favorite movie is all you need to create a date experience in your home. For more authentic experience, you can buy a vintage popcorn machine or prepare some movie theatre style hot dogs & candy.
  • Helicopter Ride Dates: Flying high above the city, this date guaranties good memories and a lot of social distancing with others.
  • Fancy Car Ride Dates: Rent a nice car or take a test drive at your local dealership. ‘Test’ with the ultimate horsepower with the date can definitely help spark arousal.
  • Farm Dates: Go visit a flower field, Christmas tree farm or a pumpkin patch, handpick some organic healthy fresh fruits and herbs. Then go home to cook a nice dinner together.
  • Boating Dates: Rent a boat and have some fresh air at your nearby lakes, reservoirs, rivers, ocean. Take some nice photos under the sunset and end it with romantic kisses.
  • Parachute From An Airplane Dates: Or go bungee jumping, flying through the sky together will boost the adrenaline rush!
  • Learn New Things Together Dates: Get cozy and intimate by learn wine tasting, fragrance making, coffee brewing, oil painting, signature cocktail creation, cooking, or anything new together at home.
  • Rediscover The City Dates: Pretend tourist, go explore the city following a tour guide during Covid to see the empty sceneries. Revisit the town with fresh eyes can inspire conversations and deep connection.
  • Kayaking Or Canoeing Dates: This is the best way to have a lot of alone time with your date, and test communication skills. You two are a team now and depends on each other to survive. Pack a picnic and start the adventure.
  • Hot Air Balloon Dates: Try seeing the world from above and have a first date of a lifetime. The unforgettable adventure will be thrilling.
  • Bike Dates: Cycling releases endorphins and that will make you two happy. Start with local easy trails and pave to challenging paths. This idea is perfect for first dates as if you do not want to talk, you do not need to! You will enjoy the time no matter if you enjoy the date or not.
  • Tik Tok Videos Dates: Try the fun dances and filters on Tiktok to spark some laughters, check out popular fun challenges #datenightchallenges and be open minded! The fun is endless!
  • Video Game Marathon Dates: Instead of your favourite games, try retro games and kids games that both of you never tried and havn’t played for a long time. Games & competitions are good for building connection, and perfect for understanding personalities.
  • Youtube Karaoke Dates: Get a karaoke machine, or challenge your date to a lip-syncing contest by playing popular songs from youtube. Spend the energy, jump and dance on sofa to distress like a teen again.
  • Take-Out Buffet From Around The World Dates: Most metropolitan areas have a great variety of worldly restaurant options. Ask for the most popular dish from each restaurant as take-out and have a fest of unknown new tastes.

Dating is like gambling at poker, sure a good bluff may win you a hand or two but you are not going to win the World Series of Poker by bluffing, only by playing the best you can. This is no different from dating if you make things up to try and impress this person they are not liking you but are liking the fake you and eventually they will see the two are no the same.

Try to think back to the things you talked about when the both of you spoke on the phone and see if you learned anything that may help you decide where to go for your date, but if you do not have enough information about them to know what they may like you sometimes have to gamble and throw the dice, and hope you don’t crap out.

The most important thing to do on a first date is to have a good time, the bigger a deal you make of it the harder it is going to be and the higher the chances of you making a jerk of yourself. If you are nervous before the date take a few minutes and take a few deep breaths and if this does not help then I recommend you do what I like to do in the casinos when my nerves are bothering me I simply have a drink. The alcohol in one drink will usually calm me down enough to concentrate.

The key to having a nice first date is simple:

  • Take her/ him to a nice place, quite but not too quiet, you should be able to hear each other but other distractions are also good for those uncomfortable moments.
  • Do not take her/ him to a place where your friends hang out, this will make her/ him feel as if they are being ganged up on or they may feel out of place and resent you for making them feel that way.
  • It is very important to have the whole night planned out already before the date and have a backup idea just encase. The tricky part is making it look like it was not all planned.

Let’s say you decide that you are going to take her for dinner, then after you want to take a walk on the beach do not just say hey after dinner let’s take a walk on the beach. I would recommend you wait till after dinner and ask her if she wants to take a walk to burn off dinner and then take her to the beach.

Then when you are on the beach take her/his hand while walking, this makes a physical connection between you and makes it easier later on when you go for your first kiss.

Just remember that dating is a gambling sometimes you are going to get a bad hand and eventually if you play your cards right you will find the right person and win the jackpot.

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