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Transferring patterns is an art form that can be easily done at home. It does take time and skill, but many of you might have a creative approach to life or enjoy artsy things during your leisure hours (activity ideas!). You do not need paper or fabric for this craft: it works on wood, clothing – even skin!

Things You Require For Pattern Transfer (not using a printer)

  • Original pattern to be transferred
  • Transfer paper (There are several types of transfer paper and they are good for different purposes. You can see my research list below)
  • Transfer pencil (Usually the transfer pencil comes with the package. You will not need one if you are using printer to transfer patterns.)
  • Craft tools such as scissors
  • Iron & ironing board

How to transfer patterns to paper, then to fabric?

If you are not using printer, then these are the instructions for pattern transfer.

Transfer Pattern To Paper

The importance of a good transfer cannot be stressed enough. You should try to keep the pressure of your stroke even all the way around the design, which will ensure that you can see it on paper when transferring your image later. If this is not possible then trace both sides with pencil before drawing over one side again so as to create two different outlines and remember that if there are any differences in color or detail between these drawings they may show through onto whichever final sheet you end up printing them on!

Lift The Pattern From The Material

Next you have to lift the pattern from the material which is ready for the project and could be used again.

Cut A Square Around The Pattern

Now cut a square around your pattern and for this it is better to work with a small piece of paper when you want to transfer the pattern to material with an iron.

Transfer Pattern To Fabric

Take the pattern and place it face down on your material. Hold tightly with one hand as you iron firmly over the design at a medium heat setting.

Check If The New Pattern Is Dark Enough

Next, set the iron aside and hold all but one corner of the pattern with your hand tightly. Lift up and pull out that free edge to see if it’s showing dark enough on there yet.

Try Again Until There Is A Good Result

If it is not still dark, iron consistently in your coverage of the pattern till you get satisfactory results.

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